Here’s What We Learned From Google’s HR Exec

Laszlo Bock the distinguished human resources director who helped transform Google into one of the more highly rated places to work at in the world, is stepping down after a decade working for the major search engine. Bock has helped emphasize the importance of autonomy, blurring the lines between work and play, finding a comfortable medium where employees feel comfortable […]

Tips On How HR Can Survive an M&A

A merger and acquisition can be one of the best ways of bolstering the financial portfolios of a growing company. However, it is one of the most perilous moments, as the actual merging process can be labor-intensive and confusing for those who aren’t prepared. Human resources will typically work over time as it will be acquiring and absorbing new employees […]

5 Unorthodox Ways Of Improving Employee Output and Productivity

There are tried-and-true ways of bolstering productivity in the workplace – they stem from better compensation packages, an increase in salary, as well as more autonomy. However, there are also some effective, yet unusual ways of also improving production output from employees. Here are 5 unorthodox ways of improving productivity.

1. Improve office aesthetics with plants. Research by the National Center […]

Why You Should Empower Your HR Manager With Online Tools

As a small business owner, you might wear many hats – you are the manager, the boss, and the person processing the paperwork. But as your business grows, you would need a dedicated human resource professional.

Empower your human resources professional – simultaneously empowering you and your business. Human resources professionals are more than just the go-to person for compliance issues, […]

The Business Intranet Is The Hallmark of the Modern HR Department

Human resources have really evolved into an industry that consolidates many tasks, duties, and tasks that sometimes go unnoticed by other departments. Little do other departments know that the human resources staff is the glue that keeps the business active. In the complex world of human resources, the modern HR department needs to streamline benefits administration, employee and employer expectations, […]

The Type Of Employees That Your Growing Business Needs

In the past years, human resources have drastically changed. Big data has become a lot more accessible, employees are a lot more savvy, and employers have access to highly sought-after talent. However, for a human resources department to survive and prosper in the 21st century, there need to be key figureheads in your department. Notable talent will forever be the […]