Perhaps you’ve never had it. Perhaps you just ended your policy. Perhaps you lost it and don’t think you can afford a new policy. No matter what your situation may be, you are not alone –millions of Californians are currently without health insurance, but the state is working on this issue to make health insurance more accessible.


What you should know is that your situation isn’t helpless. Affordable insurance is an option for nearly everyone in the state of California; it’s all a matter of shopping smart. If you’re in the market for health insurance – and no one should be going without doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, emergency care, and more – take these tips into consideration.

Seek Help First

Did you know that there are plenty of professionals from organizations such as the Patient Advocate Foundation that can assess your unique situation and provide you with advice that’s personalized for you? It’s never a bad idea to have someone with experience and knowledge to provide you with information about your options to ensure you end up with a policy that’s sufficient in terms of both coverage and affordability.

Begin the Search

After you’ve got the proper guidance, begin searching for health insurance. You could potentially go through your employer, but sometimes it’s more affordable to get your own policy. To see if this is the case in your situation, make use of a website that offers California health insurance quotes so you can do a coverage and cost comparison on policies from a number of different providers.

Consider your Kids

A lot of families think that since they don’t quite qualify for Medicaid, they won’t be able to afford getting health insurance for their children. This isn’t the case. Even in the event that you do make too much money to qualify, your kids might qualify for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program or one of the many other government programs. Read about what it takes to qualify for SCHIP in the State of California.

Consider your Needs

If you’re affected by a specific disease, you probably spend more on average on healthcare costs than many other California residents. However, this also means that you could qualify for financial assistance. There are many charities and foundations that offer assistance to sufferers of specific diseases, such as Heart Support of America and Empowered Patient. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of one of these foundations if you find that your health insurance policy simply isn’t getting the job done.