If you think about for a moment, how much time you spend with questions, requests, and projects that are outside or not in your normal everyday scope, you might be severely shocked.  Studies show that many HR Managers waste in average of 75 hours a month on duties they are not exactly certain on how to complete.  Or even worse yet, things they simply cannot get to because they are drowning in paperwork and job functions like payroll.  Here are the top 3 headaches you are certainly dealing with everyday that you wish was not there.

  • Drowning in complex rules and regulations that always seem to be changing
  • You have too many HR systems and not enough automation
  • The administrative work consumes too much of your time

These are common issues we constantly hear from companies in the marketplace.  This is why we provide full HR solutions for our clients that help eliminate useless paperwork, lower HR risk and save you valuable time on HR administration.  Navali & Company helps solve HR complexities by providing a central platform that allows employees to onboard themselves, manage their own benefits and make life elections.  We also can link to your payroll provider so all changes are synced automatically and when life changes.  Get in touch with us, we would love to help!