Researching HR issues on the internet seems like an inefficient and silly way to run your HR department. Why would you rely on non-expert, probably out-dated information to make crucial decisions about your company and employment practices. Well, it happens all the time and it is now time for your firm to modernize your approach to HR. With Navali & Company, we provide full HR support & compliance services. Best of all, it is Free for our clients. So why do we do this? Well, we know that being your broker is so much more than just providing the right insurance solution, it is being a trusted advisor for everything employee benefits, and more importantly, everything HR.

As a client of Navali & Company, your get access to live HR consultants that will help with any HR issues as they arise. Need to update your employee handbook, our HR experts will help you revise your current employee handbook or even assist creating a new one from scratch. Also, we have a full comprehensive HR On-Demand training program that you can implement for your company. Our training videos help educate your company on the latest ACA regulations, wage and hour laws, PTO rules, etc. Interested in learning more, contact us for a free demo.