How much time do you spend on HR administration and all the daily headaches that come with managing your HR department? When you work with Navali & Company, we help you eliminate all your daily, time-consuming activities by giving you access to our all-in-one platform. Our platform allows you to have payroll, benefits, compliance, and HR all in one place. In addition, imagine a world where onboarding new employees is seamless and paper-free. Well, with Navali & Company, it can be. When you have a new hire, simply send them an email and they will get a link to start the onboarding process. Employees can fill out their W-4, I-9, direct deposit and compliance information right online, making the hiring process a breeze. Once the employees sign all the paperwork, the HR administrator will be notified and the documents will be stored in your personalized web portal.

We also automate HR functions as new or existing employees make changes. Anytime an employee has a life event, payroll is automatically adjusted and benefits is automatically enrolled. No more chasing employees around to get them to fill out paperwork or going to multiple systems and updating everything individually. Make your life easier with our all-in-one HR platform.

We also give the HR manager full control on their employees. Easily run reports and analytics to view workforce growth and turnover trends so you can make the right budgetary decisions moving forward. Store all your reports, HR documents, handbooks, etc. in your personalized HR hub and access them anytime, anywhere. We make managing your HR functions easier. Learn more about our HR Outsourcing features.