Navali & Company is proud to introduce a great new solution for our clients.  Now manage all your benefits, HR and compliance in one central location.  Our portal makes it extremely easy to manage new hires with seamless onboarding technology.  Employees with access to a computer will get an email link and they can do the rest.  Employees can fill out their I9 and W4 information, and even enter all their banking information for direct deposit.  Additionally, our platform connects to your payroll so all systems are updated when their are changes to the employees’ profile or benefits.

Best of all, easily manage employee benefits and insurance using our central platform.  Employees can view their health insurance options and pricing right there on the computer.  They can scan which insurance options makes the most sense for their family and enroll right online.  And when you waive coverage for dependents, the monthly costs gets updated in real-time so employees can make an educated decision right then and there.  Once employees make their insurance decision through the customized platform, they can e-sign the application and submit it to HR for processing.

Our system also gives a lot of control and reporting featuring for the administrator.  Easily run reports and see which employees have applications still outstanding, view company growth figures, turnover stats, etc., right from your admin hub.  Interested in hearing more about this awesome new product, connect with us now.