Ever hire that perfect sales person that just did not fit into your company culture and long-term objectives?  Well, it happens all the time.  Some people are very good at interviewing and do not perform during the job, and vice versa.  The best way to avoid the bad hire is to find someone that fits your company culture.  We know that skills and experience matter, of course that should be an important criteria.  But getting someone that fits your company’s personality, has a much better change and long-term success.  Here are three strategies to hire top talent that fits your company culture:

1) Explain your company values and expectations.  When interviewing an applicant, it is just just about them and what they bring to the table.  the interview is also about your company.  Make sure to explain about your company history, people and goals.  It is important for the applicant and you to see a connection of values before their is a connection of experience.  Additionally, after you explain more about your organization, ask them if that is a fit and why they would want to work for your company.

2) Ask other department heads to join the meeting.  It is important to gain different perspectives from different people during this interview.  What better way then asking the people of your company.  Ask each manager their view of the company and have them explain that to the applicant.  Also, let the interviewer ask direct questions to your marketing manager, IT, finance, etc.  This will help round out the interview and cover all different experiences from within your company.

3) Ask the applicant about specific behaviors that would match your company values.  Ask the interviewer how they prefer to do things.  Ask them how they respond to pressure and how they adjust to sudden changes to projects tasks.  Ask to give personal experiences from work and their personal life that illustrate examples of this.  It is important to not assume everyone will fit your culture and company objectives.  Make sure you ask the right questions first.