A well written employee handbook is a great way for an employer to communicate the policies, value and expectations to its employees.  It also benefits the employee so they can see what the company is all about and what benefits them as an employee.  Below are some important reasons why your organization should have an employee handbook:

1) Communicate the Culture, Vision and Values – Probably the most important reason your company should have an employee handbook is to communicate and introduce your company culture to your new and existing employees.  This communicates the value of being apart of your team and what sets you apart from the competition.  Employees will feel a sense of belonging when they read this handbook because it sets the stage for your company and the rest of the handbook.

2) Communicate What is Expected of Them – A quality handbook lets the employees know what their roles and responsibilities are as an employee and also what policies and procedures will guide them through the process.  It also will communicate the safety procedures, timekeeping, etc., so employees know what to do with daily work activities and in emergency situations.

3) Showcases the Benefits the Company Offers – One of the main reasons these days employees accepts job offers is the perks, benefits that come along with the salary.  More and more, applicants are analyzing the 401k, health insurance, vacation pay, etc, rather than the job salary.  The employee handbook clearly lays that out and helps lay the foundation for all their benefits of being employed by your company.

4) Helps Protect and Defend Against Potential Law Suits – Unfortunately, most employers will experience a claim or law suit against their organization at some point.  The best thing to help protect themselves and provide to an attorney in such an event is a policy or employee handbook.  Because all the policies and procedures are clearly laid out, it will help protect against employees who file fraudulent workers comp claims, wrongful terminations claims, etc.

To learn more about how to get a handbook started or review your current one, contact our HR team and we are glad to help!