Today, many employers manage their HR with Excel spreadsheets and multiple platforms. This makes managing the changing workforce, changing laws, business environment, operations, etc., an absolute nightmare. Why is it that most employers continue to function in this method? Well, the answer is easy and complicated. Businesses today are obviously focused on staying afloat and thinking of strategies on taking their company to the next level. Constant pursuit of bringing in new business to make more money. Hopefully, as these businesses start to grow, their operations and management systems grow with them. Unfortunately, they are not.

Companies don’t take a hard look at what systems they have on the back end to make their front end, run as smoothly as possible. Our firm, provides that solution and have been for over a decade. We are benefits advisors, but we are so much more. A good brokerage firm will provide the best healthcare program for your employees. A great brokerage firm will help manage your administration costs, both soft and hard, lower your HR risk, streamline your operations; all while providing insurance solutions to drive employee satisfaction.

Our technologies connect all your HR functions under one platform. Now, you can onboard employees, connect payroll, time and attendance, vacation, and benefits into one umbrella. Now, all actions made by employees from start to finish, will be reflected across all your systems. This helps eliminate hours of paperwork and constant headaches HR departments face when trying to manage employees. Also, our system provides full ACA compliance and reporting capabilities. Now, you can automatically complete the 1094 forms with a click of a button.

Eliminate your HR headaches, call us today.