Online enrollment of employee benefits allows them to self-manage their benefits, submit appropriate paperwork like W-4’s, as well as set up payroll and deposits. Employees will also have ample time to review their benefit choices, and even make revisions due to mistakes. It is a self-managing system that doesn’t require overhead, administration costs, with very little training. Once an employee has entered and connected with the appropriate privileges, information can be automatically fed for processing – truly simplifying HR compliance and payroll. There are also a number of benefits when it using online enrollment for employee benefits.

  • It streamlines the process. Filing employee benefits used to require paper, books, and binders – online processing allows companies to process employee benefits while mitigating human errors. For employers, paper has become more obsolete after the dot-com era. If you want to move your employee benefits communication away from outdated platforms, then online enrollment can be particularly advantageous for you.
  • It allows employees to collaborate. An online portal allows employees to collaborate with spouses before they make a final decision when it comes to selecting the correct type of benefit. Employee benefits aren’t linear, it has direct and indirect effects in the household. Many employees don’t make benefit decisions just for themselves, they also factor in their family makeup. Online enrollment allows them to sign in with peace of mind, right in the comfort of their own home.
  • Reduces redundancy. Sometimes employees have a myriad of questions when it comes to signing up for benefits. An online portal with a questions and answer section will help them become familiar with the sign-up process, as well as understand exactly what they are signing up to. Instead of focusing on expanding or clarifying certain clauses in payroll or benefit sign-ups, you can focus more time on being compliant with federal and state laws.