By modernizing your human resources solutions, you will be able to mitigate human errors, make your HR department more efficient, as well as help improve your employee brand. Here are some of the more archaic HR processes, and how modernizing it can help your business’ bottom line.

  • Paper payroll vs Time Tracking. Instead of paper trails, the modern HR department uses an employee database that tracks time. You can easily configure time off and manage any employee requests with a click of a button. No more chasing employees or losing payroll documents.
  • Mail vs Mobile App. Mail can get lost and it takes a while to get to its destination. Mobile access allows you to put the whole company’s HR solution right at your fingertips. This will allow you to quickly transmit important business information in real time.
  • Calendar vs Digital Calender. A digital calendar used in HR solutions can be used in a collaboration, where many people can edit certain tasks and dates.
  • Promotions and Workflows. Modern HR solutions enable you to automatically approve salary changes or any changes to an employee’s compensation and benefits.

Additional ways to Modernize HR

Implement video interviews. Video interviews are quickly becoming the standard for many industries. It is affordable, easy to implement, and does not require hefty overhead costs. There is also the benefit of knowing that your candidate is comfortable with emerging technology.

Use Profiles. HR profiles will allow HR department to pin certain features onto a specific employee. An employee can log into their profile, request days off, or have an aspect of their employment explained. For employers, they can tack on incentives onto the employee’s profile or ask for missing tax information.

Your employees are your foundation, and a modern HR solution will allow them to reap their skill sets, without dealing with cumbersome paperwork. Contact us to learn more.