Many small businesses think that they should employ retention strategies once they have secured a viable employee. However, one of the best things that you can do to reduce and diminish employee turnover, is being cognizant of it during the hiring process. With the onset of social media, widespread Internet access, and affordable data, you can employ the benefits of online processing to do most of the legwork. This means improving hiring efforts with online HR solutions that will streamline onboarding for new employees.

It starts with a meaningful onboarding experience. Today’s graduates want more than just a paycheck to bring home. Employees are much more productive when they feel that the workplace is aligned with their personal values. Even though you cannot ensure a perfect fit all the time, you can allow an easy transfer from potential candidate to an actual employee with the proper onboarding techniques and tools.

Note that people work best when they believe in the mission statement of your business. They also feel most empowered when they feel like they are contributing to the cause, making decisions in their own pursuit of that particular vision.

  • They want a path for advancement. 61 percent of Millenials want unique critiques from the managers and bosses, with more than half of recent graduates wanting a one-on-one approach. They want to make sure that their time is being utilized wisely, for the benefit of you, your organization, and their self-worth.
  • Recent graduates want a flexible workspace. The concept of a 9-to-5 job is slowly unraveling, with many recent graduates wanting a more hybrid situation between a traditional job and a remote location job. Instead of managing time, manage work to improve fecundity.

Improve autonomy by leveraging power towards your employees and not away. Autonomy is allowing your employees to utilize their learned hard and soft skills in the workplace. Micromanagers and overzealous bosses tend to stifle creativity, creating a negative workspace for employees. You can foster a sense of autonomy by allowing your employees to self-manage with an online hub. Online HR solutions connect employees to benefits, compensation packages, and integral tools to allow them to succeed in the workplace.

In laymen’s terms: don’t be afraid to give more power to your employees.