There are many reasons why your recruitment strategies are failing – you have a weak or outdated objective, you are not conceptualizing the girth of your candidates, and your recruitment process is simply too complicated to yield positive results. These factors can easily be tweaked to jumpstart your human resources and recruitment strategies, ensuring that quality candidates are being referred and recruited. It all starts with an intelligently curated business meeting.

Have the right conversations with the right people. Your HR professionals and associates already know how challenging recruitment can be. Meetings and events should reel in executives, business managers, and CEOs. These are the people who have the influence enact immediate and drastic measures to reinforce the recruitment process.

Pinpoint and rectify the problem. Cognizant C-level executives know the importance of recognizing your target audience and how – and what – motivates them. SAS has shown an exemplary job at reinforcing its HR philosophies. The company underlined the importance of attracting and retaining talented workers by creating a stimulating, inclusive environment that is free of the stifling influences of micromanagers. SAS inadvertently allowed employees to bring their complete selves to work, fostering a human element that is sometimes absent in the pursuit of the perfect recruitment strategy. The solutions for your business may be different, but it can only be done after meeting with prominent characters.

There’s science to it. If appropriate, make sure that meetings are 15 minutes or less and that the venue is free of chairs. Standing is somewhat less comfortable than sitting, encouraging honest dialogue to conclude the meeting. Have the policy to ban cellphone use. Even the White House is using this technique, gathering the phones of attendees in important meetings.

The Importance of Embracing technology. Hiring practices and HR solutions have drastically changed in the past couple of decades. Processes that used to require paper has become paperless, mail has been replaced by email, and the proliferation of the Internet has created a millennial workforce that is highly attuned and acclimated with technology. As recruiters and HR professionals, it is critical that technology is embraced to mine, engage, and access a talented pool of job seekers.