In the past years, human resources have drastically changed. Big data has become a lot more accessible, employees are a lot more savvy, and employers have access to highly sought-after talent. However, for a human resources department to survive and prosper in the 21st century, there need to be key figureheads in your department. Notable talent will forever be the hottest commodity in the industry, and you need those with special skills to positively influence company culture. This moment of realization tends to occur with smaller companies that are experiencing a growth spurt – instead of relying on a “Jack of all trades” employees, eventually you would need to spread out across a functionally diverse workforce.

Managing employee commitment and engagement. It is important to hire a director or manager of employee engagement to measure and assess the performance of individual workers but also of whole departments. You do not need to rely on increment review sessions, as a manager of employee engagement will help mitigate any performance issues before they become an issue.

Wellness Program Coordinator. Talent is about fostering a productive mindset. An overworked employee or an agent that does not know their role, is a person that will only end up contributing to an ineffective workforce. Policies and wellness programs are popular resources to retain talent as well as foster a work-life balance. Some of these programs help employees navigate the sometimes tricky intersection between mental health and productivity, with many of these programs facilitating an open dialogue around mental health and the stifling stigma associated with it.

Business Intranet and HR Technician. Take advantage of the business intranet and online hubs. The business intranet is single-handedly one of the most cost-effective assets when it comes to human resources. An intranet hosts files and tools that once required paper, allowing employees to sign up for compensation packages and benefits without interacting with upper management. This not only improves efficiency, but also mitigates errors that were sometimes common with paper processing. There should be a technician that specializes in business intranets, as they will be cognizant of the unique technological aspects of your business.