As a small business owner, you might wear many hats – you are the manager, the boss, and the person processing the paperwork. But as your business grows, you would need a dedicated human resource professional.

Empower your human resources professional – simultaneously empowering you and your business. Human resources professionals are more than just the go-to person for compliance issues, payroll concerns, and employee benefits. They also inadvertently complete a risk analysis of a talented pool of potential candidates. This is how you can empower your human resource manager with online tools.

Your human resources manager is a direct influence of building rapport and trust within the workforce. Many new employees are curious about onboarding and transparency. Human resources tend to be the first point of contact when it comes to these issues. Empower your human resource director by giving them access to an online portal where they can post integral information about compensation, benefits, and other employee information. Coupled with a business intranet, you will find that your human resource director will become an integral part of your company.

Allow your human resources director to play into office politics. As a human resources professional, they are plugged into the unspoken rules that can actually motivate a business. As your business grows, your human resources professional will be able to identify the political forces within your business that may be unintentionally – or intentionally – blocking progress.

Your human resources professional is a direct link to talented employees. As a small business owner, you might have relied on nepotism to reel in talent. Even though there is comfort in working with people who you are familiar with. Human resources manager will be able to reach out to an eager job market that will be enthusiastic to work for your business. HR managers can also create a comprehensive picture as to what your employees want – lending for better retainment rates. Talented human resources directors are able to tap into and testify as to what kind of recruitment practices and techniques will work with your particular business model.

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