Whether you are a human resources officer or supervisor of a department, there were several instances where you had to filter through volumes of information to determine whether someone has had a history of absenteeism, or warrants a salary raise.

If you have a dedicated department to filter through that data for you, then life is easy since you have someone to delegate these tasks. However, the trend for human resources professionals wearing several operational hats has quickly become the norm. Smaller business, in particular, are losing valuable productivity by duplication efforts. However, integrating human resources with payroll systems can help with issues pertaining to scalability and data consistency.

The Benefits of Integration

Consolidation. A benefit of integrating human resources and payroll systems is that you will be able to access live information for both human resources systems and payroll software from one access point. Consolidated information can include all the necessary information: employee vacation hours, sick days, payroll receipts, insurance updates, and information about benefits. Consolidation also empowers employees – they’ll be able to log-in via a connected intranet to check the status of their documents, reducing the paperwork associated with these types of transactions.

Ensures Payroll System Compliance. When human resources management systems are used to complete payroll, the system will help with managing information pertaining to overtime, attendance, and taxes. The system will send alerts whenever there has been an infraction, ensuring that you stay compliant. This can help reduce paperwork, reduce headaches as a small business, and possibly save you money from incoming penalties.

It’s About Easier Access To Data. When human resources and payroll combine into one single interface, self-service features become much more useful. Employees will be able to log into the system and quickly fetch information about pay. The ability to access this information is empowering, allowing them to know necessary details about their employment themselves, without subjecting themselves to the bureaucracy or office politics. Easy access to this information boosts autonomy and decreases the amount of time management and HR spends collaborating just to solve very issues.

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