Most companies want the best of the best to work for them, and they are willing to invest in initiatives to ensure just that. However, one of the factors that are sometimes overlooked is the relationship between the onboarding process and employee retention. Here are the frustrating stats:

  • About a third of employees quit their jobs after just six months. This stat is primarily due to a lack of focused onboarding.
  • Employee turnover is the highest its been in a decade.

Here is how you can recruit talent by revamping your onboarding processes and focusing on what matters most.

Become more intimate with the onboarding process. It’s essential to adopt the mindset of a new hire – these are anxious, unsure people who left a previous job to join your organization. After an employee made their decision to work for you, all future interactions will significantly shape their perception of the workplace and those who work in it. Organizations need to focus on making new hires be part of a larger team and immediately be appreciated.

You can do that by explaining guidelines to them, and explicitly noting what is expected of them. New employees will appreciate succinct and straightforward guidance in their first couple of weeks as they assimilate to the offices’ culture.

Have everything ready for the new employee. Make it simple for new employees to gain computer access and proper databases, configure phone systems and provide instructions on how they can set up voicemail, have their office email already set for them, and have completed W-4 forms and other pertinent documentation at the ready. Tether the line between being a guide, while still respecting the employee’s autonomy.

Designate an onboarding buddy. This is a designated person that will be an adjunct mentor and accountability buddy. If the new employee knows that there is someone ready to answer questions, they’re less likely to feel frustrated later on. By assigning a staff person with a helping attitude to the process, then you’ll ensure that your new employee is getting all the information they need in a pinch.

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