Human resources are part administrative professional, adjunct counselor, and compliance expert. With so many hats, it’s common for some first time human resource managers and directors to feel a bit disoriented. For those who are first time HR managers, it’s essential to turn that new job enthusiasm and feed it into the hurdles ahead.

As an HR professional, you have now transitioned into a role that is challenging, especially since you will be directing many new employees. Here are some of the difficulties that some first time HR managers have, and how to approach them to ensure success.

  • Onboarding. Onboarding has been spotlighted lately, but not enough companies are focusing on the value of competent onboarding. For some companies, the onboarding process begins and ends as soon as the offer letter is signed. Instead of leaving everything to chance, do it right by emailing new employees and informing them of the onboarding package waiting for them on their first day of work. New employees will appreciate employers who are interested in preparing their workers. You can do this by relaying important account information, using online portals for payroll benefits, and informing them of a dedicated accountability buddy that will galvanize them in their first couple of weeks.
  • Hiring and screenings. At the beginning stage of a new corporation, some businesses will skip the stringent background check in place of a basic screening via references. However, this isn’t enough. A proper background check ensures that employees that they’ve hired are free of incredulous motives.
  • Benefits enrollment. Benefits enrollment can be a complicated matter, as it involves selecting the right package for new hires, informing them of new policies, and assisting with the actual enrollment process. Allocating the process to an online hub helps to focus on creating a human capital management strategy that values the employee’s autonomy.

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