“Autonomy” has been the buzzword that has been making its way in the industry, with many not knowing what it is, but hearing about its benefits. Autonomy refers to the amount of creative and professional freedom employees have while working, enabling workers to use their skills and abilities to decide how their work should be done. In layman’s terms, autonomy respects the time, skills, and knowledge of the worker. This type of independence, while abstract, has results that are very tangible:

  • More satisfaction, less absenteeism. The more autonomy workers have, the more they feel satisfied. That satisfaction also transfers into less absenteeism. A recent¬†study¬†in Taiwan surveyed 1,380 workers employed in over 230 health centers. Results showed that workers felt more engaged, with an overall increase in job satisfaction.
  • Greater responsibility. This sort of independence also emphasizes the innate feeling of professional responsibilities. Payroll benefits, for example, is mostly done with a long paper trail. But by making HR solutions paperless, employees are expected to fill out paperwork promptly, without being hounded. There is an innate trust placed back into the employee, and when trust festers, a feeling of job satisfaction develops.

The Role of Human Resources and Work Autonomy

Human resources play a vital role in shaping a workplace that is autonomous, with a cognizant HR department being the cornerstone of successful recruiting and retaining of a talented workforce.

Human Resources can help foster autonomy by going online, and taking advantage of HR technology. Take all of your benefits packages and administration online, either via a portal that your employees can take advantage of or via the business intranet.

Autonomy goes beyond the individual it also relates to whole departments. Allocating HR support and compliance to Navali and company allows the HR department to focus on other aspects of recruiting, screening, and placing workers. To learn more about how Navali can help you in your adventure to forge a more self-sufficient workplace, contact us.