Human Resources and Machine Learning: A Symbiotic Relationship

Human resources in the past couple of years have been galvanized by automation and have become friendly to the idea of machine learning. Like other facets of modern business, technology presses on its journey of transforming how we function and behave – and human resources is not immune to this. It’s a department that despite […]

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Prerequisites To Creating An Onboarding Program

The economy is on an upswing, and companies are expanding with new employees. That means that there’s going to be a lot of first-day experiences from employees. However, being lackadaisical about hiring new employees can be costly.

Studies on the cost of employee turnover suggest that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it can cost […]

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Onboarding and Developing Organizational Culture

Poor productivity in a new job is due to a poor fit, poor delivery of the onboarding process, and inadequate adjustments. The onboarding process needs to help assimilate new hires into the organization, so they fit into the work culture. However, the most important and least well implemented is the proper integration into the organization’s […]

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Why Your HR Department Is Hated – And How To Fix That

The human resource department in any corporation tends to be slighted by corporate employees. For some, human resources can be perceived as ineffective or perhaps even a roadblock when dealing with issues. This sort of attitude hurts employees and their employers, but it’s a thought process that tends to stick.

One of the frustrating aspects of […]

First Time HR Managers: Onboarding and Screening Issues

Human resources are part administrative professional, adjunct counselor, and compliance expert. With so many hats, it’s common for some first time human resource managers and directors to feel a bit disoriented. For those who are first time HR managers, it’s essential to turn that new job enthusiasm and feed it into the hurdles ahead.

As an […]

The Role Human Resources Has With Workplace Autonomy

“Autonomy” has been the buzzword that has been making its way in the industry, with many not knowing what it is, but hearing about its benefits. Autonomy refers to the amount of creative and professional freedom employees have while working, enabling workers to use their skills and abilities to decide how their work should be […]

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The Relationship Between The Onboarding Process and Employee Retention

Most companies want the best of the best to work for them, and they are willing to invest in initiatives to ensure just that. However, one of the factors that are sometimes overlooked is the relationship between the onboarding process and employee retention. Here are the frustrating stats:

About a third of employees quit their jobs after just […]

Human Resources Management Systems and Payroll Integration: Benefits

Whether you are a human resources officer or supervisor of a department, there were several instances where you had to filter through volumes of information to determine whether someone has had a history of absenteeism, or warrants a salary raise.

If you have a dedicated department to filter through that data for you, then life is […]

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Why Good Employees Leave

Sometimes, employees leave. It’s a simple reality of business that often has no underlying rhyme or reason. However, high turnover – good employees leaving after a year or two on the job – can signal bigger issues. Here’s what you need to know about why employees leave – and what you can do about it.
Salaries […]

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Create an Engaging Workplace

Most employees are not engaged at work—70% according to Gallup in a recent survey. This is nothing new to the workplace. The combined number of unengaged and actively disengaged employees remains high from year to year with no end in sight. Poor engagement results in less productivity, less creativity, higher absenteeism, and higher turnover.

Employee engagement is […]

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