How Technology Is Influencing HR

Technology is a constant in all industries, and human resources is no exception. Technology allows parts of recruiting to become automated or significantly easier to vet in a talented workforce. Examples of technology affecting human resources include innovative use of software, hardware, and processes to manage people.

The Effects of Hardware on HR: Efficiency

The influence of […]

Improving Morale Without Increasing Salaries

Employers want to give employees raises to reward them for “a job well done” or to increase morale – but the reality is that sometimes economic factors prevent companies from being able to do so. So how do we improve employee output without increasing salaries? Believe it or not, there are many factors that can […]

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Your Employees Are Leaving: And It May Be Your Fault

There is a myriad of reasons why your employee leaves a company. You might have inadvertently contributed to an employee leaving, with some factors that are beyond your control. Here’s how you can retain talent in the workplace.

Your company does not respect your employee’s valuable time. From inadequate paperwork, to incredulous tasks that do not […]

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Costly HR Mistakes: Avoid These Pitfalls

As a burgeoning small business, it is integral that you have a comprehensive human resources department to source and mine talented job seekers, to mitigate legal ramifications due regulatory ignorance, and to simply connect new hires with their benefit plans. However, there are many HR mistakes that are not only costly, but may have legal […]

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First Official Employee: Tips To Streamline Onboarding

You found that your startup has been starting to turn down work because you and your initial partners are too busy, or you have identified a possible revenue stream that can come into fruition with the help of a specialized worker, or you’ve noticed company stifling productivity due to the many duties that are assigned […]

Reduce Turnover Rates Via Autonomy: Tips

Many small businesses think that they should employ retention strategies once they have secured a viable employee. However, one of the best things that you can do to reduce and diminish employee turnover, is being cognizant of it during the hiring process. With the onset of social media, widespread Internet access, and affordable data, you […]

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The Smart Business Meetings: Tips for HR Professionals

There are many reasons why your recruitment strategies are failing – you have a weak or outdated objective, you are not conceptualizing the girth of your candidates, and your recruitment process is simply too complicated to yield positive results. These factors can easily be tweaked to jumpstart your human resources and recruitment strategies, ensuring that […]

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Paying Under The Table? Is It HR Compliant?

Getting paid “under the table” means an employee is paid straight cash for their services. Many people may not see any wrongdoing in this practice, with some even considering it the norm in their particular industry. However, “under the table” payments, especially without proper documentation or employee documentation, constitutes a form of tax invasion. Businesses […]

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HR Checklist: The Essentials and Benefits of HR Software

Regardless if you are a new business or partnering up with a new partner, it is integral that you have an HR department that successfully processes benefits related notices, procedures, and compensations. This is particularly important if you want your business to stay compliant. Here are the HR essentials to ensure that your business isn’t […]

Importance of Reference Checks When Hiring New Hires

It is important to verify information on cover letters and resumes, in a thorough manner. Verify correct spelling of the job seeker’s name, check for any pseudonyms or aliases, and verify the phone number and address. When checking references, it is important that you only obtain information that allows you to have an understanding of […]

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