Connection Between Morale and Benefits

There is a correlation between employee benefits and morale. Workers want to feel appreciated and prized. This is done by allowing autonomy, providing proper and constructive feedback, and recognizing their input. Employees also experience a sustained boost in morale when they know that their employers are looking out for their well-being with comprehensive employee benefits.

It’s […]

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Defining Employee Onboarding

Onboarding encapsulates the initial welcome of new employees, the processing of paperwork and payroll, introductions, and even seat assignments. Onboarding makes sure that new hires adapt to the new working environment and what is expected of them. This helps to mitigate turnover expenses, improve retention, as well as make the employee become an efficient and […]

Modern HR

By modernizing your human resources solutions, you will be able to mitigate human errors, make your HR department more efficient, as well as help improve your employee brand. Here are some of the more archaic HR processes, and how modernizing it can help your business’ bottom line.

Paper payroll vs Time Tracking. Instead of paper trails, […]

Benefits of Online Enrollment for Employee Benefits

Online enrollment of employee benefits allows them to self-manage their benefits, submit appropriate paperwork like W-4’s, as well as set up payroll and deposits. Employees will also have ample time to review their benefit choices, and even make revisions due to mistakes. It is a self-managing system that doesn’t require overhead, administration costs, with very […]

Benefits of HR Compliance: Mitigation

HR compliance makes sure that your company is aligned with the regulations set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act, which governs overtime pay and minimum wage for most American businesses. The requirements differ by each state, making it particularly important that you work with a payroll company that is cognizant of HR compliance.

HR compliance […]

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Finding The Right Payroll Solution

Payroll is an essential aspect of your business that can be safely outsourced. Since it does not have a direct correlation to your customers, payroll is a core function that can be delegated to a dedicated service that is cognizant of the unique challenges of a small to mid-size company. However, before hiring a third […]

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Streamlining Your HR Functions

Today, many employers manage their HR with Excel spreadsheets and multiple platforms. This makes managing the changing workforce, changing laws, business environment, operations, etc., an absolute nightmare. Why is it that most employers continue to function in this method? Well, the answer is easy and complicated. Businesses today are obviously focused […]

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Benefits and HR Platform

Want to eliminate the headache of HR and benefits administration? Ever wonder why your spending more time on fixing things instead of doing things? It is time to simplify your HR and benefits process. Our innovative platform connects all your HR and benefits platform into one, simple to use platform. Our […]

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Employer Mandate Reporting Requirements

The employer mandate reporting has begun for employers above 50 employees.  Below is some information about ACA reporting and the requirements.  Large employers who self-fund do have to file the 1094-C forms to the IRS.  This is the form that tells the IRS whether the coverage you have offered to each employee meets the minimal […]

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Top Reasons You Should Have An Employee Handbook

A well written employee handbook is a great way for an employer to communicate the policies, value and expectations to its employees.  It also benefits the employee so they can see what the company is all about and what benefits them as an employee.  Below are some important reasons why your organization should have an […]

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