Pros and Cons of PTO

More and more these days employers are implementing a PTO program for their employees.   PTO, or Paid Time Off, benefits is a consolidated way to combine traditional vacation, sick leave, and personal leave benefits into one.  In fact, more than 40% of employers now how have a PTO program as opposed to tracking each […]

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Top 3 Ways To Hire Talent

Ever hire that perfect sales person that just did not fit into your company culture and long-term objectives?  Well, it happens all the time.  Some people are very good at interviewing and do not perform during the job, and vice versa.  The best way to avoid the bad hire is to find someone that fits […]

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Introducing The All-In-One Benefits and HR Platform

Navali & Company is proud to introduce a great new solution for our clients.  Now manage all your benefits, HR and compliance in one central location.  Our portal makes it extremely easy to manage new hires with seamless onboarding technology.  Employees with access to a computer will get an email link and they can do […]

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Outsource Your HR Administration

How much time do you spend on HR administration and all the daily headaches that come with managing your HR department? When you work with Navali & Company, we help you eliminate all your daily, time-consuming activities by giving you access to our all-in-one platform. Our platform allows you to have payroll, benefits, compliance, and […]

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Modernize Your HR Department

Researching HR issues on the internet seems like an inefficient and silly way to run your HR department. Why would you rely on non-expert, probably out-dated information to make crucial decisions about your company and employment practices. Well, it happens all the time and it is now time for your firm to modernize your approach […]

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Paid Sick Leave Trends

Earlier this year, President Obama called on Congress to enact a federal law requiring businesses to offer seven days of paid sick leave to workers, but the proposed law is unlikely to pass in the current political climate. Nevertheless, supporters are trying to get this into law and it has been picking up momentum.

Before last […]

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Getting Insurance: Tips for Uninsured Californians

Perhaps you’ve never had it. Perhaps you just ended your policy. Perhaps you lost it and don’t think you can afford a new policy. No matter what your situation may be, you are not alone –millions of Californians are currently without health insurance, but the state is working on this issue to make health insurance […]

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Top Three HR Headaches You Deal With Everyday

If you think about for a moment, how much time you spend with questions, requests, and projects that are outside or not in your normal everyday scope, you might be severely shocked.  Studies show that many HR Managers waste in average of 75 hours a month on duties they are not exactly certain on how […]

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